Butter box in zinc

For quite some time now I've been on a look-out for a nice looking but also practical box to store butter in, and not just any butter, but delicious Finnish salted butter (= ihan perusvoita tai Oivariinia) which is a must in our house just like Finnish rye bread (= ruisleipää) is. As my husband travels to Finland businesswise frequently we are able to have these in the house more or less on a constant basis.

I don't eat a lot of butter myself, however, if I want to have a nice sandwich, I certainly want to smear Finnish butter on it and now I've made my daughter addicted as well. We usually talk about "Finland-butter" (= Suomi-voita) and "papa-butter", which can be any of these very low fat containing margarine-types like Becel, Blue Band etc. which my husbands tends to use. We've learnt not to smear any papa-butter on Noa's sandwiches as they will be left uneaten :).
Same with the rye bread, luckily Noa loves it and most days I prepare a rye bread sandwich for her to take to school, and our freezer is full of it. It's very filling, healthy and delicious!

I've been checking numerous places, mainly webshops though and last week I finally stumbled across the perfect container in the wonderful Dutch webshop Kind van Holland. Ordered two straight away - and my zinc theme continues :).

The service was extremely quick, and the the two zinc boxes so beautifully wrapped!

I'm really one to utterly enjoy and appreciate it when someone has put in the time and effort in creating something beautiful. So thank you Ilona :)!!

This is something I got taught by my mother - to carefully open presents and to appreciate the effort and thought that went into it. Wanting to create something beautiful for the receiver when wrapping gifts myself, I can certainly relate to the other person as well.

Now it's my turn to teach it to my own daughter and it's cute to see her carefully open presents and not just tearing them open without a second thought, regardless of her young age. Ha ha, don't get me wrong, the occasional wripping of wrapping paper takes place as well ;).

Some nice extra's had also been added to my parcel. I felt like a kid at Christmas when opening the package.

I just love the pretty and nostalgic wrapping!

I've of course saved everything from the wrapping paper to the string and the picture :)

My pretty zinc butter-box revealed! The lid with the old postcard look is quite something, isn't it!?! That totally sold it to me.

As a matter of fact, the next butter and rye bread load is on it's way from Finland. Finally the butter has a proper "home".
This is how the butter package looks like. As it comes in various sizes I need to have a storage box that is big enough.

I just realized, that you might be wondering why on earth I need a nice looking butter-box as the butter is hidden away in the fridge anyway. Well, normally yes, but already a while back I got so frustrated every morning I had to prepare my daughter's sandwich for school trying to smear rock-hard butter on bread, resulting in the bread breaking into pieces - that I decided to leave the butter on the kitchen sink in room temperature instead.

Real butter doesn't need to be cooled down anyway, and no matter how nice the taste, the package isn't too pretty to the eye. But now that issue is solved and I'm looking forward to putting the butter into it's new hideaway :).

This pretty little box could of course be used to store anything from coins, receipts, special notes to say, jewellery. 


  1. OMG I love the zinc boxes!!! Do you think they would send one to Canada? I looked at their web page, but I don't speak Dutch, boo hoo, I'm sorry!! I just love the threads on the spools too!! How I want to go shopping there!!! I will have to lve the experience through you again!!!
    Margaret B

  2. Absolutely adorable, I'm soo in love with the zinc box! What a beautiful rapping...sent with love to you. Dreaming away...

  3. Oi kun on kauniisti paketoitu tuo paketti!!!

  4. Hallo Nona, wat weer een geweldig verhaal. Is deze boter zo anders dan de Hollandse roomboter? Ja en het oog wil ook wat, ik begrijp helemaal wat je bedoeld. Ik heb een hele oude porseleinen botervloot waar ik de roomboter altijd in doe. Het kuipje laat ik gewoon het kuipje, maar dit is wel een leuk idee en ze zijn prachtig. Hier in het winkeltje waar ik regelmatig kom verkopen ze deze ook, ik heb er al eens één in mijn handen gehad, maar meer met de gedachten om er speciale kaarten in op te bergen, maar die bewaar ik nu in een mooie hoedendoos en dat wil ik maar zo houden, maar om er boter in te bewaren daar was ik nooit opgekomen.
    Oja....ze waren met zorg en prachtig verpakt, daar hou ik ook zo van.
    Fijne week.
    Groetjes Mea

  5. Blogissani on sinulle viestiä...

  6. Dat ziet er mooi uit! En super verpakt ga gelijk even op hun site kijken ;o) Ik mis hier de Hollandse roomboter hahaha.... is ook super vet maar op een heerlijke plak krentenbrood. Zo zie je maar je smaak verlangt altijd naar huis. Fijne dag.

  7. Exmo. Sr. Francisco Nascimento, Largo dos Combatentes 4, Setubal, Portugal
    Oh... Nona, Setubal is mijn geboortplaats! Wat een mooi zinkdoos!