my Dream

I live in my dream home - a beautiful New England style seaside villa - with an amazing and serene ocean view to one side and to the other surrounded by lushous greenery. Away from busy roads, each morning waking up to happy bird song, the salty ocean air and the calming sounds of the waves washing ashore.

The house has Louvre-shutters in front of the windows and a porch stretching around the entire house. The porch has a partly covered cozy area facing the water, so that you can sit there and enjoy the view, nicely tucked in under a blanket even when it rains... 

On the inside my house is filled with LOVE, JOY and HARMONY and the decor mainly consists of various shades of white beauty with a hint of soft pastels harmoniously combined with grays and other cool earthy tones, all with a refreshing New England style appearance, casually combined with Industrial Vintage touches and an effortless Scandinavian shabby chic feel.
 There I have my own design studio – a Haven of inspiration and harmony, with a perfect view over the ocean and the magnificence of the location. 

I live here together with my darling daughter Noa and my soulmate - my one true love, expecting a most welcome addition to our little family.

This lovely home of ours is where I combine my home and career with my passions and interests and where I can let my creativity soar ... Here I devote myself to anything and everything that brings joy to me and through which I can bring joy to others.

This is my DREAM and ULTIMATE VISION, and I am making it happen!

And so it is.