Coastal inspiration in the form of wooden signs

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The last couple of weeks I´ve had a sudden urge to collect `feel good´ pictures ... lots and lots of them. Most of them have been interior related ... pictures that have added some additional sparkle to my daydreams and have nicely helped in shaping my vision of my future dream home, you know, the one located at the water :).

While looking for inspiration, I came across many absolutely stunning and for sure inspirational blogs, not only in my already existing blogland `network´ and countries, but in several (for me) new countries. Among these new ones, I´ve probably spent the most time in Norwegian, American and Australian blogs and have definitely found new treasures, gotten lots of great new ideas and inspiration to continue with.

I love the simplicity and message of this lettered art canvas that I first came across on Completely Coastal - `An Inspiration and Shopping Blog for People who Love the Sea´ and is sold on

  is great, especially if you´re into anything with a coastal theme, and offers lots of nice interior and seaside living related topics and links. That´s where I got introduced to Home At Sea, and these lovely wooden signs...

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  1. Ihania kylttejä! Olisivat omiaan huvilalla :-)

  2. Love those signs. Maybe one day I too will have ahouse right by the beach.

  3. Love the signs! Makes me think about summer! Can't wait!

  4. My favorite is let your dreams set sail - there is nothing wrong in dreaming to inspire one. Dreaming is health

  5. Hey dear "anonymous",
    Mine too, totally :)!! I love that sign, and am a true believer in the power of dreaming.

    So keep on dreaming :)!!