Let me take you to my ''HaPpY pLaCe''

[re-post] from little over a year ago, slightly modified though ... simply because I feel the urge to remind each and everyone of you about the importance of staying true to your dreams, keep on visualizing them, feeling them, and letting them uplift you over and over again... until little by little they become reality.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

All I need to do is find a peaceful place to relax for a while,
lay back ... close my eyes ... and I'm there ...

 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

It's a warm summer's day
the sun is shining from a bright blue sky
a light breeze is making the leaf trees come alive
happy bird song - everywhere
the smell of freshly cut grass
in the distance the seagulls are making themselves heard
a sail boat passing by 
the sweet scent of flowers in bloom
pretty butterflies and dragonflies dancing in the air
children laughing
the vague sound of a motor boat far far away
waves washing ashore
freshly brewed coffee
a good book

I smile, and think to myself - Yes, LIFE is GOOD!!

image: Wisteria

I'm lying lazily in the hammock ... taking it all in ...
overwhelmed by an immense feeling of gratitude ...

image: Par Courrier

... then 'disappearing' for a while, not forgetting my book
which I can't seem to put down ...

... drawing in energy from the nature around me. I then return home to my haven of harmony completely re-energized and full of new inspiration and ideas for my creative ventures ...

image seen in Aratorp

... I sit down for a little bit on the porch while I sip my fresh mint tea just before ... 

image: Brigitte.de

... taking the little one, who has merrily been playing all morning and noon for an afternoon nap ...

... contemplating whether or not I should lie down myself for a while ...

image: Southern Living

... however, am overpowered by the urge to go back outside. But before I do
I pass by the kitchen, enjoying the light
flowing in through the windows, looking out into the lushous garden ...

... and pour myself a big glass of ice-cold home made lemonade ...

image: Wisteria

... I then continue down to the dock with the
lemonade in one hand and my book in the other ...

... I pass the older children playing in the water,
happily waving and smiling at me ...

... loving the fresh sea breeze and taking it ALL in
for still a little while longer ...

image: GreenGate

... until it's time to throw together a wonderful meal in the
great company of family and friends, tons of laughter,
drinks, music. Making memories ... 

... heating up the sauna for some sauna bathing, swimming, 
more socializing, great conversations, and a lot more laughter ...

image from here

... And what a lovely and perfect day it has been !! 

So why not experience the same
kind of bliss again tomorrow ?! :)

image from here

In conclusion - Dream BIG, Dream often and
BELIEVE in your Dreams.

The stronger you believe in their inevitability,
the bigger the chance that they'll come true.

Hope you enjoyed the glimpse you got of 
my  H A P P Y   P L A C E !

What's yours ?? Just think about it ... :)

Have a H A P P Y day!

°    °    °    °    °    °    °    °    °    °    °    °    °


  1. Oo mitä kuvia!! Aivan ihana tunnelma jokaisessa, ja nuo kesäiset ulkokuvat varsinkin olivat niin ihania kun täällä on vielä hanget korkeat nietokset..

  2. I love your happy place. Wonderful images. Makes me long for summer, but not our hot scorching ones. The kind of summers where it rains and you can feel the freshness in the air and then the sun comes out and dries everything up but leaves the grass and flowers nice and clean not dry and brown!

  3. Underbara bilder!!! Ljuv suck!
    Huset var bara helt fantastiskt!
    / Jackie

  4. Aivan ihania kuvia, kiitos! Kesä on täälläkin jo ihan oven takana. Viime viikolla talot hukkuivat lumeen ja tänään pihatie oli jo aivan sula ja räystäistä valui vesi.

    Onnellista loppuviikkoa!

  5. Hello...

    i just love this post...and I'm glad I happened upon your blog!
    it took me away to 'my happy place' everything illicits romance, it's beautiful, beautiful!
    thanks for sharing!

    i'll follow you right now...
    come by and see me too sometime!
    ciao bella
    see you soon

  6. Vilken underbar blogg du har! Det kändes som att komma in i en annan värld. Nu har du en till följare! Kram / Jonna

  7. I was totally blown away by your beautiful post - love your Happy Place. Feel like diving into your world and embracing every little detail in it. I'm dreaming!! Love, sis

  8. Ihania kuvia:) Voi kun aurinko paistais vahan enemman taallakin...tuo sitrusmehu-kuva teki mun paivan tanaan! Thanks!

  9. Yes ja! for all of this.
    Wonderful summer inspiration - I walked every step with you.

    Fantastic post my dear.

    Happy weekend.


  10. Hej Nona!
    Tack för att du inspirerar!!
    Du har en award att hämta på min blogg! Kram / Jackie

  11. bedankt voor je bezoekje aan mijn blog!
    br@nd is zo'n mooi merk...! helaas zijn de kleertjes vaak al snel uitverkocht : gelukkig heb ik nu wel een hemdje en een paar shirts kunnen bestellen

    fijn weekend!!!

  12. Ihania kuvia ja ihanaa tunnelmaa =)

  13. B E A U T I F U L post, simply love it. Truly reminds me of how important it is to D R E A M and have dreams - and moreover enjoy life with all its beauty. Thank you for reminding me again. Love Sis