Serenely Dreamy

I'd like to share some of my favorite Art prints with you. Some of these, in particular the first one - Serenity by Daniel Pollera - (which I have a very 'special bond' with) I've posted on my blog before but felt I needed to do so again. I think these beautiful images pretty much speak for themselves. Even the names are dreamy.

In addition to them being very inviting, delightfully summery and making me want to step into the images, another thing they have in common in my opinion is the skillful use of light as most of them have a magical glow about them.

Serenity by Daniel Pollera

Summer memories by Daniel Pollera

Summer colors by Daniel Pollera

The Hamlet by Daniel Pollera

Sunset Beach by Daniel Pollera

Shades of Summer I  by Bob DeSantis

Beach Huts by Olivier Raab

Morning Shadows by Olivier Raab

Dogwood Reflected by Alice Dalton Brown

Autumn Reflections by Alice Dalton Brown

Southern Breeze by Alice Dalton Brown

Transitions by Alice Dalton Brown

Banner Day by Alice Dalton Brown

Quiet Window by Alice Dalton Brown

Silver Light by Alice Dalton Brown

Evening Interplay by Alice Dalton Brown

Sailboat Breezeway Panel I and II by Diane Romanello

Evening Sunset by Diane Romanello

I hope these lovely Art prints have the same
effect on you as they have on me :).

Take care,


  1. Nona, your prints are gorgeous! I love the feeling of peace and wonder I get when I look at them. So beautiful! xx

  2. Vilka underbara, ljuvliga bilder!
    Vad kul att höra från dig igen! :) Jag har saknat dina härliga inlägg och bilder.
    Ha en bra dag!
    Kram från Jonna ♥

  3. ooh je zult er maar wonen!
    Ik zie het al jou plaatje is helemaal compleet.
    Ogen maar even dicht en verder dromen!
    Heerlijk dat witte zand tussen je tenen.
    Ik wens je een fijne dag

  4. Oi että mitä ihania kuvia!!!

  5. Beautiful images. They make me want to buy a cottage somewhere on a beach and just sit on the porch wathcing the changing light and hearing the murmur of the sea. Oh I love the sea so much :)

  6. Those are so wonderful. I feel so relaxed. Beautiful feel to them. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Uskomaton tunnelma näissä kuvissa! Vahvistaa halua elää täällä, meren äärellä. Ja ihana kuulla sinusta taas :)

  8. Wow, what A M A Z I N G and B E A U T I F U L pictures. Looking at them makes me feel sooo at home and wanting to dive into them and inhale all the energies. Thanks sis
    PS. Love the music :)