Bastion Collections

Now here's a brand I absolutely love - Bastion Collections !!
Tried to take it easy with adding images, but it turned out more difficult than anticipated since I really like most everything they have. Had to smile to myself when realizing that I already have quite a few of their products ... and will no doubt add to that collection sooner than later :). Good thing is, they are very affordable and in my opinion easy to get a hold of, at least they are here in the Netherlands.

I love the idea of filling the cupboard with a mixture of these cups.

Yeah, so which one(s) to choose?!

These pretty little things are decorative soaps.

visit their website for more

''The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there.''  

Esther Hicks



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  1. Hello Dreamer, (I could not find your name), nice blog with pictures of BC. Funny is that we yesterday have visit the Interior Fair in Utrecht and ordered the new spring/summer collection of Bastion Collections ! I will follow your blog, it's different than others. Thanks for the wisdom-words underneath your blog-post. Greetz Lejo (Keep passing the open windows. John Irving)