In the Holiday spirit ... while looking back at this past half year

How quickly time has gone by. Seems like only last week when my daughter and I were still enjoying our summer vacation in Finland, out at the summer cottage with family and friends. Oh boy, so much has happened since then. Big things. Major things. Life altering changes. Wonderful changes. Freedom.

I've embarked upon a life of single motherhood. Moved from a 5 bedroom rowhouse appartment with a front and back garden to a 2 bedroom flat with a teeny tiny balcony (mind you - with the knowledge that one day, I will be living in my dreamhouse by the water). This new home of ours meets our current needs perfectly. Gone from being unhappily married to happily divorced. Changed jobs to something which resonates with me more than my previous job did. Gone wild with interior inspiration and decorating, admittedly so with a limited budget, but then again, requiring me to be even more resourceful and imaginative. All fun stuff.

Now I'm so looking forward to spending my first Christmas together with my daughter in our new home, bringing true meaning to peace, love and joy. I love the Holiday season. I do. Love it.

Here are some images that totally bring me in the X-mas spirit:

All images from Pinterest

Wishing each and everyone a Peaceful, Love filled, Joyful and Merry Christmas!!

xoxo Nona


  1. I sooooo love your post sis! The pictures are amazing, thanks for the inspiration - as always :) Enjoy your FREEDOM *** reach for the STARS *** and choose with no regret / kram A

    1. Aawww. thaaaanks sis :D!! I am, I will :)


  2. I really like to hear u news
    and hope everythings goes good now:)

    Sometimes life change
    but it's not bad thing:)


    1. Moikka Jamssi,

      Ihanaa kuulla susta! Kurkkailen kyl tasatahtia sun blogia ja teidän kuulumisia muttei oo tullut kommentoitua. Kiva et nyt näin :D.

      Joo, ei välttämättä niitä helpoimpia muutoksia, mut takuulla kaiken vaivan ym arvoisia. Me happy :D.

      Kaikkea hyvää teille!