Vintage posters

A while back I was on a mission to find vedgie and fruit related vintage posters on the web, with the aim to add a bit of a country feel to the kitchen walls.

What I did was combine four similar type of images into one big one measuring 40 x 40 cm, simply printing them out at home and ended up with all in all four paintings with the vintage fruit and vedgie look. I've framed the four of them in white wooden frames. Here are the still frameless end results. 

The two top ones are my favorites.


  1. Vilka härliga bilder du har hittat! Jättefina tavlor!
    Svar: Ja det där med att gilla vitt kommer smygande ;). För några år sen gillade jag inte alls vitt, men så plötsligen en dag...Gubben skulle nog ha nöjt sig med träfärgat har jag på känn, men han har inte protesterat i alla fall.

  2. I love these labels, I too love vintage labels as art. I would love to see how your finished project came out. I did see one photo on your site with one of the framed pictures, and it looks great! I may just have to do the same thing for our kitchen! Love you blog!

  3. I love those vintage fruit & vegetable paintings. Are they for sale?